Patternmaker Tape Measure

A staple in any tote, man bag or glove box, our leather covered retractable measuring tape is a must for the vintage shopper, artist, decorator or anyone really! Utilitarian and good-looking so when you spill our bag you can be proud of its contents.

Includes a 1m retractable tape measure

Designed in Australia, made in India

Size: 5.5cm dia x 1.5cm high. Due to the hand-made nature of this product, dimensions may vary slightly.
Material: Leather. Finish may vary piece to piece.

For normal cleaning and removing dust, wipe with a very soft dry cloth. In case of spots, wipe with a soft dry cloth that has been well wrung in boiled, then cooled clean water. A water based leather cleaner or very mild, diluted pure white soap flakes of your choosing may be used and followed up with a leather conditioner if desired. Let them dry naturally. If unsure we recommend a spot test first. It is often better to leave smaller spots untreated and for time to wear them off & allow the surface to be a living patina.

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