Lived-In Style; The Art of Creating a Feel-Good Home

It may bring to mind the comfy reading chair you curl up in next to the window. It might get you thinking about your freshly made bed, topped with a vintage Welsh blanket or your grandmother’s eiderdown. Or perhaps it will elicit a smile over the collection of found treasures and jumble of mementoes displayed on your mantel. Moreover, lived-in style isn't perfect. Far from it. It's mismatched and eclectic, vintage and repurposed. It's not about purchasing the contents of an entire room from a catalogue, no matter how beautifully styled they might be, or replicating a perfectly appointed home spotted on Instagram. Far from it. Lived-in style is about slowly gathering pieces over time, and truly loving each piece you gather. Whether your style is farmhouse or boho, rustic or modern, the end result is a home that’s authentic, easygoing and inviting – a cozy yet chic spot where guests will want to put their feet up and stay awhile.

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